My Journey to Empowerment

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My Story

I am unique, but I am very much not special – not at all. I’ve encountered stories very similar to mine hundreds of times.

I spent two decades on autopilot without even realizing it. On a personal level, I was always chasing the next thing, never feeling satisfied or fulfilled once I achieved it. In professional settings, I worked hard in fast-paced environments, was considered “successful,” and always pushed myself, all while ignoring the signs my body was sending. But ignore those signals too long, and they’ll come back to bite you in the ass.

Eventually, avoidance stopped working. I found myself in a dark place, both physically and emotionally exhausted. Empty and purposeless. Joy and lightness? MIA. That’s when I realized life is short, and I was far from making the best of it.

So, I took massive action. I built a new, more aligned life for myself. I tackled everything that was holding me back – as if I were in the jungle trying to make a path with a machete. That was intense.

It took two years to get to where I am now: feeling whole, balanced, and finally in tune with my authentic self.

And that’s what empowerment means to me. That’s why I’m passionate about guiding as many people as possible on their own journey.

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How I walk the talk

I always, always practice what I preach. Here’s a sneak peek into what I believe in. For more details about my approach, check the FAQ.


Radical self-acceptance is power. I fully, proudly and assertively embrace every fiber of my being – quirks included. I’ve become quite impervious to judgment and rejection. And that rocks. So much freedom!


I used to be the serious heavy type. Now, I understand that being reliable and committed doesn’t exclude being light or even cheerful. I allow my lively inner child to come out and play pretty often.


I believe in a life overflowing with joy, purpose, satisfaction, and ease. Nothing is missing, and nothing is superfluous. It’s all about aligning actions with desires and values. That saying “You can’t have it all”? Utter BS.


I know I play the leading role in this movie that is my life; it doesn’t just accidentally happen to me. And I’m willing to take a hard look at it, acknowledging my part, not making excuses, and owning my sh*t.


For me, curiosity means constantly questioning, learning, and expanding. It’s about embracing the unknown with an open mind and heart, seeking new experiences, and also re-examining familiar ones with fresh eyes.

“Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.”

Drop me a line, I’m looking forward to assisting you on your journey!

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