Let’s awaken that inner badass.

Guiding individuals and small businesses towards authentic empowerment is my mission.

— My 2 cents on empowerment —

Empowerment starts within.


Your journey is yours to shape.

You have everything you need to be who you want to be, to live the life you want. And it’s right there, within you, although it might be buried under the layers of conditioning, patterns, and limiting beliefs.

The path to empowerment is like peeling an onion, until you fully own your uniqueness. And just like peeling an onion, I can’t promise it’s always going to be comfortable. But it’s achievable: you’re just a decision away.

Believe in your ability to create change.

Once you commit and set a goal for your personal or professional life, results will follow. I’m going to help you navigate this game called life, level up, and unlock the next chapter.

All you need is a safe container, some tools, a gentle nudge, and support, and that’s exactly what I’m here for!

And also, bad puns, bursts of laughter, and infectious enthusiasm. Who said you can’t achieve hard work AND keep it light and joyful?

Let’s get started!

Sandrine Ibanez


My clients say
it better

Here's some great feedback I received from them.

"Sandrine has been my on-call coach for 10 months now! Whenever I need support, a different perspective, a creative sparring partner, a kick up the a**, or simply a really honest and motivating talk, I have a session with Sandrine. She's one of the most genuine, empathetic, clear, and wise women I have met in a long time; she consistently offers powerful truths and insightful perspectives. I am so grateful that we found each other because life has become better, happier, and a lot more fun since. I absolutely recommend Sandrine to anyone who needs a supportive ally in their ring corner."
Signe J.
Executive Life Coach
"I've had the good fortune to be accompanied by Sandrine in the transition of my professional project, and I really recommend her. She's a great listener, uncompromising and generous, and her experience (personal and professional) means she understands what's between the lines. She blends intuition with real expertise, which is a blessing for the person being coached."
Eléonore P.
"Already with the first email I knew, Sandrine is the one, who will help me out of the chaos into a more structured way. She not only understood the barriers in my head, but she was able to feel them and lead me to overcome them. She is a very empathic and structured person and it was super easy for me to open up my inner world to her. After only five sessions I overcame my shyness and I am now know how I want to show myself on Social Media. We laughed a lot during the sessions, which made everything even more easy!"
Janina G.
Massage Therapist
"I had the pleasure of working with Sandrine on a review of my website and brand, and I must say, it was a fantastic experience. Sandrine provided incredibly valuable and actionable feedback that was not only well-structured but also presented in a clear and concise manner. What stood out to me was her openness to hear my perspective and offer advice accordingly. Sandrine's expertise and professionalism truly made a difference, and I am grateful for her assistance."
Neha A.
Business Coach
"It's a great program to have a toolbox for dealing with stress, anxiety, and worry. It teaches you how to integrate daily exercises to help reduce pressure, ultimately aiming to shift from emergency interventions to prevention. It allows you to reflect on yourself, your feelings, and your boundaries to move forward more effectively in your daily life."
Alice P.
Social Media Strategist
"I loved Sandrine's approach, which was both humorous, natural, caring, and empathetic. It's not a hopeless situation to feel overwhelmed, as many people experience it, and with the tools that Sandrine provides, we can gain perspective and regain hope that things can change. It empowers us to reclaim our control over the time that always seems to be lacking. Sandrine truly helps us become aware that, despite being a reality, it's also a matter of perspective and self-esteem."
Julie F.
Jewelry Designer

— Empowerment 101 —

What to expect.

The four pillars of personal power.


Understand yourself deeply. Recognize your strengths, weaknesses, and values. Clearly know who you are and what you stand for.


Own your sh*t! Take full accountability for your actions. Set, pursue and achieve meaningful goals in various aspects of your life.


Continuously improve and evolve. Face challenges with resilience, overcoming limiting beliefs and negative thoughts along the way.


Believe in yourself and your abilities. Establish healthy boundaries for better relationships, and make assertive decisions.

— Empowerment tips —

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