I'm a transformation catalyst.

I'm guiding individuals and small businesses toward
authentic empowerment and sustainable growth.


I help you reveal your authentic self.

You have everything you need to live the life you want. Deep down, you know it. It’s there. It’s just buried under the layers of social conditioning, education and limiting beliefs. Let’s peel the onion together.

There might be some crying – it’s an onion, right? Obviously, I can’t promise it’s going to be a walk in the park. It won’t be. But it’s doable. If I did it, you can do it too. You’re just a decision away. As soon as you commit to do the work, and set a goal, you are going to get results. You are going to feel a switch. Let’s dig together and reclaim your power. Level up. Unlock the next chapter. You deserve to reclaim your power in your personal and professional life.

I’ll create a safe space, give you the tools and the gentle nudge, and support you every step of the journey.

Sandrine Ibanez

Reveal your authentic self The Power of Moi - Picture Anton Tal


My clients say
it better

Here's some great feedback I received from them.

"I've had the good fortune to be accompanied by Sandrine in the transition of my professional project, and I really recommend her. She's a great listener, uncompromising and generous, and her experience (personal and professional) means she understands what's between the lines. She blends intuition with real expertise, which is a blessing for the person being coached."
Eléonore P.
"This program shakes us up a lot!! It digs into the places where we've tried to conceal our emotions, fears, and unease. We discover that we can overcome all of this and live our lives more intensely."
Isabelle D.
Intensive Care Nurse
"It's a great program to have a toolbox for dealing with stress, anxiety, and worry. It teaches you how to integrate daily exercises to help reduce pressure, ultimately aiming to shift from emergency interventions to prevention. It allows you to reflect on yourself, your feelings, and your boundaries to move forward more effectively in your daily life."
Alice P.
Social Media Strategist
"Sandrine truly knows what she's talking about in her coaching program. I appreciated having someone in front of me who didn't just transmit theory, but rather someone who had their own experiences and sorted out what was useful and what wasn't in challenging or intense situations. The exercises, live sessions, and Facebook group are excellent tools for both exploring your own path independently and not feeling alone or abandoned in this journey."
Claudia B.
Writer & Author
"The best thing I take away from this program is you as a coach: your energy, open-mindedness, and sense of humor. You are a bright and generous person who gives a lot to the participants."
Eleonore V.
Team Lead
"I loved Sandrine's approach, which was both humorous, natural, caring, and empathetic. It's not a hopeless situation to feel overwhelmed, as many people experience it, and with the tools that Sandrine provides, we can gain perspective and regain hope that things can change. It empowers us to reclaim our control over the time that always seems to be lacking. Sandrine truly helps us become aware that, despite being a reality, it's also a matter of perspective and self-esteem."
Julie F.
Jewelry Designer


I can help you with

Let your authentic self come out and play.


Continuously improve through self-awareness, alignment with your desires, and overcoming limiting beliefs and negative thoughts.


Deeply acknowledge your worth, boost your confidence, establish personal boundaries for better relationships, and make confident decisions.

Authenticity coaching can help you with The Power of Moi - Picture Anton Tal


Profoundly understand your values, needs, goals, and authentic self, leading to purposeful actions and self-acceptance.

Life Transitions

Seamlessly and skillfully navigate life shifts with authenticity, embrace change with clarity and resilience, and evolve through it.​

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